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Special Morale & Welfare Program

Hill AFB

Special Morale & Welfare Program

Non-Appropriated Funds (NAFs) are contributed to SM&W for the overall morale of the military community on Hill AFB IAW AFMAN 34-201. Expenditures from this fund must follow established guidelines, be conservative in nature, be in the best interest of the Air Force, benefit the military community, and are available regardless of rank and/or level of personnel.


  • SM&W must be requested and approved at minimum 2 weeks in advance.
  • Reimbursement is provided with presentation of original receipt(s).
  • AFMC established guidelines for expenditure of SM&W funds.
  • Requests must be submitted to 75FSS.SMW.Requests@us.af.mil or at Bldg. 180, second floor, room 200, NAF Accounting Office.

What do these funds help with?

  • Retirements: Active Duty and DoD Civilians are eligible
  • Promotions
  • Change of Commands: Light refreshments following change of command ceremonies for incoming commanders are authorized.
  • Commander’s Call: Commanders may hold a commander’s call once a quarter. Limits are $3.00 per person not to exceed $200 and may be used for light refreshments.
  • Promotion Parties will be executed at the installation level and held at The Landing. Promotion parties will be held in conjunction with First Friday for ranks E1-E4 and O1-O3 while ranks higher will be in conjunction with promotion release dates.

Unit Parties & Picnics

  • The 75th Force Support Squadron is authorized to fund organizational parties and picnics using non-appropriated funds (NAFs), see AFMAN 34-201. In accordance with the AFMAN, care must be exercised to assure all eligible personnel, to the extent possible, are able to attend and the basic needs of the Morale Welfare and Recreation program are being met. Requests must be submitted to 75FSS.FSRBL@us.af.mil. (at least 2 weeks in advance)

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, if the flag/guidon is being retired you may authorize as a memorial observance, using rule 19 (reference SM&W Guidelines Resource), not to exceed $100.

No, total cost is not to exceed $20. It is not just the SM&W share, but the total price. SM&W expenditure authority may not be combined with other funds to purchase a more expensive item. The purchase of wrapping paper, gift boxes, bows, or any other item that gives the appearance of a gift from SM&W is prohibited.

Yes. A NAF employee is a federal government (DoD) employee and has the same entitlement as an APF employee.

Yes. The spouse is authorized flowers and cannot go over the $20 limit. Mementos or gifts are no longer authorized reimbursements.

No, SM&W cannot be used to host a post CUI inspection party. Unit funds could be used for this type of event, as authorized per installation rules/guidance.

Currently light refreshments are defined as nonalcoholic beverages, desserts, or snacks. Alcoholic beverages of any kind, meals, buffets, banquets, smorgasbords, and heavy hors d’oeuvres are excluded. Keeping this in mind and the general rule of conservatism, the items and amount provided per person, there is some leeway in the items provided. The cream cheese purchase to accompany the muffins/bagels could be authorized.

Nonalcoholic beverages (i.e. coffee, tea, milk, juice, punch, soft drinks, water), yogurts, pastries, bagels, fruit/vegetable/cheese and cracker trays, pretzels, cookies, chips, dips, cake, and muffins. The cost of light refreshments may include the cost of disposable serving ware (i.e. paper napkins, disposable forks, cups, and plates) and any club or other MWR activity service charge, delivery fee, or set-up fee. The purchase of china, silverware/flatware, tablecloths, plates, glasses, punch bowls and cups, chafing dishes, serving trays, coffee urns, etc, from MWR is prohibited.

Forms & Resources

Unit Request for Approbal of party & Picnic Funds

Special Morale and Welfare Funds Request

Requests must be submitted to 75FSS.SMW.Requests@us.af.mil 
or at Bldg. 180, second floor, room 200, NAF Accounting Office.

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