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Civilian Education & Training

Civilian Education & Training

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Employee Development Specialists

Employee Development Specialists (EDS) provide technical advice and assistance in identifying, prioritizing and justifying training and employee development requirements. EDSs monitor training to ensure it meets all governing regulations and when selecting non-government training, ensures costs are reasonable, competitive and within budgetary guidelines.

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Interested in a longer term education plan? Check out the Employee Enhancement Program

Program is designed to provide flexible and adaptable personal and professional development. EEP consists of 8 core courses, 2 in-person elective courses, and 4 online elective courses you select according to your interests and development goals. See course list below. Participants will be paired up with a mentor through MyVector to create an individual development plan.

eep course requirements May 2023
Hill AFB


The NEO program is presented as block-training and initiates employees to the installation with instruction on Air Force Core Values, installation missions, and entitlements and benefits of civilian employment. Training also includes basic mandatory training on environmental, safety, occupational health, security and similar topics.

Supervisors are required to complete federally-mandated training.  MST is hosted by the Force Support Professional Development School through Air University.

The Defense Acquisition University (DAU) is the one institution that touches nearly every member of the Defense Acquisition workforce throughout all career stages. DAU provides a full range of basic, intermediate and advanced certification training, assignment-specific training, applied research and continuous learning opportunities. Access is gained through the DAU website.

The Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT) is the Air Force’s graduate school of engineering and management as well as its institution for technical professional continuing education. AFIT is a component of Air University and Air Education and Training Command. Employees receive training notices from AFIT and can access the system by going to the AFIT website.

Additional Opportunities


Civilian Tuition Assistance Program (CTAP) provides assist civilians in their continued self-development and includes coursework at the associate, bachelor, master and doctorate (including Juris Doctorate) levels at an accredited college or university. Tuition Assistance (TA) is to be used for course(s) that contribute to occupational and institutional competencies, special interest needs and readiness by supporting the current and future needs of the Air Force. 

FSD advises civilians on terms and conditions of tuition assistance.  For unit-funded TA FSD determines if employees and institutions meet eligibility requirements, forms and payments are processed, and tracks student progress. For career field TA, employees must apply through the Air Force Virtual Education Center, AFVEC, portal.

Civilian Developmental Education Programs

The CDE program offers educational opportunities to selected career employees on a competitive basis. CDE is moving toward Total Force Development by developing professionals who will collectively leverage their respective strengths to accomplish the Air Force Mission. There are three levels of civilian developmental education: Basic Developmental Education (BDE), Intermediate Developmental Education (IDE), and Senior Developmental Education (SDE).

The Air Force conducts an annual call for CDE nominations opening the first part of March each year. For more information, visit MyPers.

General questions regarding training programs should be directed to an Employee Development Manager (EDM) or Specialist (EDS).

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