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School Liaison Services


School Liaison Services

The School Liaison (SL) serves as the installation point of contact for local military child education matters (K-12th). The SL assists families with information, resources and referrals regarding local school districts, charter, public, private, virtual and homeschooling.

Hey, I'm Matt Mason, Your School Liaison Program Manager

My name is Matt Mason and I am your School Liaison Program Manager. I want you to know I am here to support the needs of of Hill AFB families on everything related to your experience with our local districts and schools.

School Liaison Services

Our Services

School liaisons can provide:

  • Information on campus-specific programs and courses of study, school districts and boundaries
  • Assistance with transferring credits and registering for classes
  • Help with locating after-school and extracurricular programs
  • Tutoring referrals
  • Youth sponsorship referrals
  • Support for transitions to elementary, middle and high school and beyond
  • Compliance help for Interstate Compact on Education Opportunities for Military Children

School liaisons can provide parents the information they need to decide between all the schooling options available for military children, including private, parochial, charter and homeschool options.

School liaisons can assist with referral to the Defense Department Exceptional Family Member Program, Hill AFB’s EFMP as well as help you navigate your school’s special education department and other local resources.

School liaisons can assist with common deployment challenges for children, youth and teens, including:

  • Parental absence coping strategies
  • Educator awareness of phases and impact of different deployment cycles (including predeployment, deployment, and reunion and reintegration)
  • Compliance help for the Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunity for Military Children
  • Non-medical counseling referrals to minimize the academic, social and emotional impact of deployment

School liaisons can help students prepare for postsecondary opportunities including:

  • Test preparation and scheduling
  • Scholarship and financial aid information
  • College, vocational and career fairs

School liaisons offer workshops for parents on education-related subjects including:

watch this video to learn more about School Liaisons

UT Purple Star School

Utah currently has 33 Purple Star schools. A Purple Star school is one that meets the criteria of commitment and support to military students (and their families) as they transition to new homes and schools.

** Applications for new schools applying will open on 1 February 2024**

School Liaison Services

Local School Districts


Davis School District



Ogden School District


Weber school District

Weber School District


Davis School District Military Support Team

The average military connected student will move 6-9 times throughout their school aged years, which is three times more than their non-military counterparts. DSD recognizes the need for an increased level of support to military-connected families that provides easy access to Military Educational Therapists and Military Family Advocates. 

School Liaison Services

Helpful Links

504 Resource Guide for Parents

Special Education Rights of Parents & Children

Military Interstate Compact

Military Education Coalition

Tutor.com for Military Families

MilitaryChild.org School Quest

230918 F BK017 1001

School Engagement: Our lead for school engagement is the 75th Mission Support Group Commander, Col Khalim Taha. Initiatives in this focus area partner with local elementary, junior high, and high schools to connect base-affiliated children with resources, bring Air Force representation into the schools, and foster the connection between Hill AFB military/civilian Airmen and our neighborhood communities. Initiatives also include targeted support to families facing challenges in our schools. Both Col Taha and I, Matt Mason,  are here as a resource. If you are experiencing any issues with your child’s school please reach out to me.

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