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Hello Team Hill!

It’s time for our weekly facility highlight. This week is a special one as we are highlighting our very own golf course, Hubbard Memorial. For those who haven’t had a chance to visit it, I’ll be letting you know all of the wonderful services they have to offer.

First, a general overview of the facility itself; Hubbard Memorial was built in 1961 by Stanley W. Hadden. The course is home to 18 holes, a driving range, café, tournaments and much more. It’s a paradise for golf lovers and is one of the better courses here in Utah. If you love to golf, or know someone who does, you need to try this course.

As I mentioned earlier, Hubbard has a lot to offer. From dawn until dusk, and most Family Days, the course is open for all. If you need the pricing list for the course, and everything else we have to offer within FSS, visit Hubbard Golf. Besides the course itself, we have a driving range too. The best place for those who want to perfect their swing. The last thing you want is to slice your shots and make your game a lot harder.

Of course, one thing you’ll need when you go out is a cart. And lucky for you, Hubbard’s got you covered with their large cart selection. Carts are cheaper here than any other course off base. And besides, who wants to lug all their heavy clubs around on their back? Unless you’ve got a professional caddie with you, go with the cart.

If you are looking for a challenge or you want to see how good your skills are, try one of the many tournaments that Hubbard holds. They are held throughout the year and can be entered by anyone who pays the fee. For those who are interested and want to know more about tournaments and pricing, visit Hill AFB Golf Course.

Now you might be thinking, “Wow! Can it get any better?”. I’m here to tell you that it can. Hubbard has every golfer’s favorite store, The Pro Shop. This one-stop shop has a lot to offer. Club rentals? Check. Golf balls? Check. Bags, individual clubs, shirts & more? Check. The best place to restock or to find a gift. And speaking of gifts, one of the best gifts to give is the punch pass. They don’t expire and they come in two types; 20 round and 50 round. Whatever you need, you’ll most likely find it in the shop.

After a long golf session, you can relax and enjoy a wonderful meal at the café in the building. It’s open year-round, along with the halfway house on the course. Try some of the best hot dogs on base, with your choice of either a beef or a polish dog. Or, if you’re daring, make it a chili dog with a generous helping of chili. Just make sure no one takes a photo of you.

With everything there is, it can be overwhelming, but we hope that you will experience all Hubbard has to offer. Hopefully, this has helped give you an idea of where to start. And with that, have fun!


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