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2024 Utah Air Show - Warriors over the Wasatch
Breaking Barriers Together

Sponsors & Donations

Want to get your business in front of people at the largest outdoor event in the state of Utah in 2024?
2024 Utah Air Show logo

2024 Utah Air Show – June 29th and 30th, 2024. Free attendance for the community and business sponsorship opportunities in front of 250k+ people.

From civilian aerial acts to the precision flying of the Air Force Thunderbirds, you’ll never forget the sights of talent and the loud feel goods of freedom.

Hill FSS is the gateway to connecting the community to the base.

Come out and see everything Hill Air Force Base has to offer while finding ways to break barriers, together!

Event Details

Learn about what to expect at the 2024 Utah Air Show, June 29th and 30th.

Performing Acts

Who is flying what? Read about them before you watch them in the skies over the Wasatch Mountains.

Breaking Barriers together while soaring to new heights of success

With HAFB being at the heart of aviation excitement for the Wasatch Front, the 2024 Utah Air Show at Hill Air Force Base provides sponsorship opportunities and promises an exhilarating experience for business and community members, boosting over 200,000 attendees and 100 businesses through air show sponsorship opportunities HillFSS. This premier event, featuring the renowned Air Force Thunderbirds aerial act, is not just a celebration of aeronautical prowess; it’s also a golden opportunity for businesses to elevate their brand visibility through innovative flight paths.

Why be a sponsor at the 2024 Utah Air Show?

The 2024 Utah Air Show is poised to be a spectacle of epic proportions, drawing both non-aviation and aviation enthusiasts and families alike. The event provides a unique chance for businesses to connect with a massive audience, creating brand recognition and forging lasting impressions but also to create memories that last a life time.

Key Attractions: The Air Force Thunderbirds

The star attraction of the air show is the awe-inspiring performance by the Air Force Thunderbirds. Known for their precision and daring maneuvers, the Thunderbirds will leave spectators breathless as they paint the skies with their thrilling aerobatics. Associating your business with this headline act ensures that your brand is in the spotlight, captivating the attention of spectators from all around the world.

The Power of Sponsorship: Get Your Brand Soaring

Becoming a sponsor of the 2024 Utah Air Show is more than just a marketing opportunity; it’s a strategic move to position your brand in front of a massive, captivated audience. With thousands of eyes on the sky while standing at your business booth, the potential for exposure is unparalleled. Aligning your brand with such a high-profile event creates a positive association, boosting brand credibility, creativity and loyalty. But this isn’t only about your business, our area of focus is to create enhancements for families, both with and without kids as well so you really are catching everyone.

Maximize Your Impact: Sponsorship Opportunities

For businesses looking to make a lasting impression, the 2024 Utah Air Show offers a range of sponsorship opportunities. From basic sponsorships that allows logo display at your booth, all the way to having your logo seen at BOTH entrances of the Open House Air Show. With over 200,000 humans, eagerly anticipating each aerial display, the air show provides an ideal platform to showcase your products or services.

Connecting with Your Audience: Engage, Impress, Succeed

The air show isn’t just about planes; it’s about creating memorable experiences. Engage with your target audience by organizing interactive exhibits, contests, or giveaways that leave a lasting impression. This direct connection fosters brand loyalty and sets your business apart in the minds of potential customers. Our focus is to help our patrons have an experience that can’t be found anywhere else by enhancing the most fun part of the air show, outside of the birds in the sky.

Seize the Opportunity: Be a Part of the 2024 Utah Air Show

In the competitive landscape of separating your business from others, the 2024 Utah Air Show at Hill Air Force Base presents a unique chance for businesses to soar above the rest. With over 200,000 eager attendees and the breathtaking display of the Air Force Thunderbirds, this event offers a business growth opportunity like no other. Don’t miss the chance to elevate your brand to new heights – become a sponsor and showcase your business to a sky-high audience. The 2024 Utah Air Show is not just an event; it’s a runway for business success. For more information about sponsorship opportunities that are non-air show related, see HillFSS.

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